LQA is the 1st Vietnam based Independent Quality Assurance Firm. We are a globally trusted partner in QA outsourcing.


To become a world class Quality Assurance Firm.


We are passionate about bringing young, talented, and skillful Vietnamese to the Global market by helping clients to improve the product quality.

  • To Clients: We commit to be an effective quality partner. Working with us, you can focus on your business and leave quality assurance to us.
  • To Staff: We commit to build long-term QA career paths and providing a balanced work life.

3C Philosophy

Client Needs and Value

We will always focus on what are our client’s business goals and all of their quality aspects. By understanding these, we commit to bringing the value by helping our client meet their quality needs at the lowest cost.

Certified Staff

Staff is the key of an organization and directly impact any results and overall system quality. Because of that we empower our talent team to continuously develop a product quality mindset, and getting international certifications like the ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board).

Clear Communication

Communication plays an important role in all cooperation. Positioned as an independent QA firm we commit to provide transparent, trustable, and valuable quality reports.


First Vietnamese Independent QA Firm


Understanding our pioneer role in the Vietnamese QA market, we are developing this QA community and its competency. Working with us you will find the best QAs who will consult the right QA solution and help you improve your product quality.

Innovative Testing Approach


Besides understanding the business domain, our technical team always applies innovative technologies such as automation or cloud computing. This helps our client cut their costs and save time.

Talented and ISTQB Certified Staff


Our Staff is certified by the International Software Testing Qualifications Board and our testing processes align with international standards. We are your choice for a quality assurance vendor.


HAI Nguyen

Co-founder | Automation Specialist

XUAN Phung

Founder | CEO

THUY Trinh

Co-founder | QA Specialist