Annotate images, with various types of shapes & lines, for various kinds of objects (cars, human, animals, trees, etc.)


Image Collecting

If you want to make a new set of training images, you just need to provide us the keywords as well as the requirements, our team can search & collect the appropriate images.

Photo Shooting

In case you need a new photo set with specific scenes, such as various people doing a specific action, etc. We can provide photo shooting service. However, it can be taken from our local area only.

Video Capturing

Get on the street and capture real video, in different light conditions, depending on your needs (Can be take from our local area only)


Inheriting management philosophy from QA team, we have quality management process in place to insure high accuracy of annotation works. Our team leaders with English proficiency will communicate closely with client, transfer & make sure latest annotating rules are applied in the whole team. We’ll do best to insure the accurate results, so you can confidently focus on tuning the algorithm.

  • Support in developing & customizing annotation tools to match your need.
  • Recruiting ability: with pool of staff & pool of IT students in the city, we have ability ramp up to team size of hundred dedicated for your needs.
  • Flexible contract: we can start with small scope so you can evaluate us. After the pilot, if things go well, we can move forward.
  • We sign NDA, your data is yours.

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