XUAN Phung is CEO of Lotus Quality Assurance. Graduating from Hanoi University of Technology, the most prestigious university in Vietnam for IT studies, she worked as a developer for 2 years before moving on to manage QA projects for 11 years all for FPT Software which is one of the biggest brands in Vietnam. While doing this she was also able to continue with her education getting a Master’s degree in Information Technology. From this she gained a great passion on the importance of QA business development as well as experience in leading teams that numbered up to 100 QAs.

She is interested in innovation and applying new technologies in testing. Having been a product director of Testing Insight, a test management tool, and CloudATS, a cloud based automation test tool. From that, she gained experience in tool development.

Not content to keep this knowledge to herself, Xuan has given talks in Vietnam as well as internationally in various QA topics at such events like Agile Testing Day in Germany or the SMAC Quality Conference. An avid reader she still focuses on her dream of a system with perfect quality.