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Vietnamese Engineers
We are trusted by Infiniq, SQC, Perxtech, Verb Data, Ascentis, Qualcomm, Kick ID

Our Services

AI Data Annotation

Our resourceful Talent Pool assures quick team setup and flexible response upon requests. AI data processing of many data types is performed and monitored in accordance with strict QA policy.

Software Testing

Through good communication and collaboration, LQA devises an innovative testing approach in compliance with International Quality Standard for the best services.

Software Development

With competency in different languages and talented developers, LQA is trusted by global companies in applying innovative approaches to create higher business values.

Why Choose Us

Human Resource

LQA provides a high-quality talent pool with professionals and experts who can use multiple languages for better communication. The optimized process of managing and training talents and the abundant human resources from partners ensures a quick team setup of up to 2 weeks.

Compliance with TCoE

For every testing project, LQA applies the TCoE Framework, which has clearly established goals, well-defined processes, effective governance mechanisms, multi-disciplined skill sets, and efficient use of various tools and technology.

Continuous Innovation

We have different approaches for testing which are trending, including automation testing, mobile labs, etc. We also employ the newest tools for constant innovation.

Technology Expertise

LQA Testing Tech Stack

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    About Us

    LQA – Lotus Quality Assurance is an emerging IT Outsourcing Company in Vietnam.

    We provide high-quality end-to-end IT services including:

    1. Software Testing & Quality Assurance Service
    2. Software Development
    3. AI Data Processing

    Lotus QA has always pursued the mission of elevating and connecting Vietnamese IT engineers to international clients, hence contributing to affirming Vietnam’s position on the world’s technology map.