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Vietnamese Engineers
We are trusted by Infiniq, SQC, Perxtech, Verb Data, Ascentis, Qualcomm, Kick ID

Our Services

AI Data Annotation

LQA helps you build the machine learning model with accurate datasets in a quick manner. We collect and label data in various types, ranging from images to audio & texts.

Software Testing

LQA is recognized as #1 Software Testing Company in Vietnam on Clutch, we provides Software Testing Services in compliance with stringent quality assurance process.

Software Development

Unlock the future of technology with our dedicated software developers, LQA helps businesses harness the digital transformation in multiple platforms and diverse technologies.

Why Choose Us

Effective Process

LQA not only follows stringent procedures of ISO 27000:01 for optimal security and international standardized process, but also flexibly adapts to clients’ requirements

Human Resource

In LQA, we ensure staff competency through strict rounds of  interview, on-job orientations, continuous learning & development. Theoretical knowledge and practical implementations are combined throughout our process.

Cutting Edge Technology

With leading-edge technologies and hands-on experience, LQA adapts to the ever-evolving pace of the market, enhancing productivity and quality of our services for our clients.

Technology Expertise

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About Us

LQA – Lotus Quality Assurance is an emerging IT Outsourcing Company in Vietnam.

We provide high-quality end-to-end IT services including:

  1. Software Testing & Quality Assurance Service
  2. Software Development
  3. AI Data Processing

Lotus QA has always pursued the mission of elevating and connecting Vietnamese IT engineers to international clients, hence contributing to affirming Vietnam’s position on the world’s technology map.